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I’ve Been Thinking / My Recent Painting Project

Posted by ipaintminis on May 22, 2007

which, by the way, is never a good thing (unless its about schoolwork, then its OK)

About this thing we do on a weekly, if not daily basis. Painting. There was a post over on CMON about being a geek that made me think about why I enjoy being a geek and what is appealing.  Why do i paint miniatures? why do i play D&D? Why do i enjoy reading the books and books of GW fluff?

I can’t really boil it down to anything else besides “I like to.” Which doesn’t really seem to fit the bill when it comes to answering the ‘big questions’ of being an uber-geek (scored a 62% on that geek test thank you very much). I think I actually enjoy the identity that goes along with being a geek. I have somewhere where I “belong” (CMON, my local game store, the library, etc.) and I have a family where we can all connect via the games.

I think I’m also pretty artistic and i like to be able to use that outlet and figure out how to quasi-improve and become a better painter.

On another quite different note

I’m currently working on The Banshees by Rackham.

The Banshees

^ thats not my work. just to let you know. thats a stock photo.  

their background story is just to intriguing to not post as well

The laws of the Kelt’s are without appeal : any adulteress must be beheaded by her husband. Notwithstanding all the love they may feel for them, very few betrayed husbands have had the courage to overcome their resentment and to break the laws of their people to let them live.
The Banshees are the corpses of these women with an unhappy destiny, returning from hell to torment their cowardly executioners. Their dreadful cry expresses the absolute horror of death without peace… What pardon may there be for those that disturb silence ?

At least i find it intriguing.

I will say the skin on the woman holding her head above her neck, sucks. I’ve filed most of the veins and all that off. because, being the Irish girl i am, I’d like to think that banshees are still decent looking after death. I’d think thats a decent trade-off. getting your head cut off for being an adulteress musta meant you were pretty enough to go screw around in the first place, might as well not get ugly as a spirit. I also shaved off the octopus suction cups, because, seriously? adulteresses don’t become octupi, all those worth their salt when it comes to banshee knowledge know that they become squid. (duh.) and that color flesh,
so basically I’m doing a “cute” re-haul on these two minis. we’ll see how that turns out.  

but my eventual plan is to put these two in a little diorama. I want them to be resting on “magic” which i hope to produce from plaster. I wanted to put the “magic” on their graves, maybe? It’s one of those, work on it as i paint type things.


One Response to “I’ve Been Thinking / My Recent Painting Project”

  1. javi said

    Decent looking after death? being the “Spaniard” i am, I think that stuff can look nice even after death if I just have had the right amount of beer before looking at it…

    Nice minis; the tentacles always add an extra creepynes ala HPLovecraft, like the ethereals in ye olde videogame “Legacy of Kain, soul Reaver”

    IMHO the funny part on the udead pieces is the fact you can go wild being messy and gory. The only drewback (SW Geeks unite! =) I see is that gore is easy to overdo and the mini can end up being uninteresting. I’ve done a couple of cute zombies in the past and they were walking jokes.I’d love to do few more.

    I’m still looking for the undead flesh perfect recipe so I’m eager to see you project’s skintone!

    Besides, I’d like to se at least some WIP pics as a reward for a so text-based post =9

    About the geek thing, nowadays here in my country kids and teenagers are alot into manga and videogames but back at the days when I was 8 (80’s Transformers comics anyone?) to wear glasses, play videogames and read comics-play magic magic or RPG was considered freaky not geeky so I grew up considering not being proud of certain having that sort of stigmata that makes me to buy a $100+ cold cast porcelain limited Batman statue or die. Seriously that always made me feel more like a crack whQre than a kewl guy =D

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