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Posted by ipaintminis on June 3, 2007

so, we’re starting a podcast. And I know i want to showcase different artists and miniatures but I wanted to know what you, the small number of readers I have, think about what you would want to hear in a weekly podcast.

 hit me with ideas and insite to what you think might me lacking in our community.


5 Responses to “Podcasting”

  1. Lizcam said

    techniques. How to do basing, how to achieve osl, ect. and Hi, btw!

  2. inrepose said

    Are you going to make it Video or photo cast? Sounds interesting to me!

    I would like to see live action painting and advice and tips on how certain methods and techniques were completed.

  3. javi said

    I’m not much into it but sounds good.

    Live action demos of freehand armor wear, rust, OSL, basing, SENMM and such mistyc and obscure techniques would be nice.

  4. javi said

    I’d like to see new painted minis arround or at least your WIPs or step by step posts… Cheers

  5. hakoMike said

    If you’re doing a video podcast, just being able to watch someone paint is very helpful. I was surprised at how much I learned from just the demo of Rune Kappel’s mini paintind cd.

    If you are doing audio, then I would like to hear about painting experiences. What went right. What went wrong. What colors were used where, and in what concentrations.

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