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Little Girl Set Loose Upon the Internet!

Posted by ipaintminis on July 4, 2007

Having (finally!) posted my little girl on CMON I figured I’d give my blog peoples a picture.


 and a LINK to vote for her. I really did enjoy her and all the challenges she involved.

PS – Water Effects are fun!


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It seems like forever, oh wait…it has been

Posted by ipaintminis on July 1, 2007

Hey fantastic peoples, after a rather impromptu hiatus, I do hope to be going strong on this posting nonsense.

 lets recap on what i’ve been doing paint, life wise

~ finished the little girl, pictures have yet to arrive on CMON
~ working on putting together my Khador Warmachine army.
                        * the old witch of Khador really is a witch to put together.
~I’ve fallen in absolute love with Reapers “New” Fire Giant Queen

Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

Isn’t she just gorgous! really really really do i like her, shes really gotten me to remember exactly why i started painting. Everything about her just makes me really happy. I’m [      ] this close to emailing Werner Klocke and thanking him for rejuvinating my love for this hobby. And before anyone says anything, shes the “dwarf” of the giant world, proportions and all that.  and I absolutually love how shes a little chunky. so much.

I’m going to have her in a diorama where she has just won a battle with another giant (since in D&D she’s Evil) and the big spear is the victory booty, (its the only way i’ve thought to make sense of the extra large spear)

~ taking a summer class on English as a Second Language for my eventual visual impairments teaching
~ thank the Good Lord I’m back home for the next 2 years. That makes me a very happy camper
~ I’ve been working outside with the family and currently have the most wicked farmers tan.
~ for the next two weeks i’ve got more homework and studying than i can shake a stick at

I really would like to see Ratatoille, Die Hard, Happy Feet, the DaVinci Code, BOBBY, and some chick flick to even it all out. but all that comes with time.

other than that, just kinda doing my thing. Hopefully my old witches superglue is dry now. seriously that mini is hell on a stick to put together.

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