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A little “Summer Cleaning” if you will…

Posted by ipaintminis on August 5, 2007

well, today mom found a new look for all of our blogs, and I must say, I do approve.

 As for me. I’m sitting here reading Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman (who is an INCREDIABLE author if I do say so myself, “Neverwhere” is a must read) and tweaking the website a bit.

A few things…

  • never try to beat 350 points of cryx with 5 khador models…swarming isn’t fun
  • Robert Kennedy was an amazing man and met an unfortunate end
  • school starts very very soon, and I’m excited to learn braille
  • I’ve mostly finished painting the Reaper mini I’ve been working on. It’s nice.

Other than that. I’m going to get back to tidying up this blog.

I did have a question though. If you had to pick one person, ONLY one. in recent history, who is the “Hero of the World?” I’ll post who I think it is later on in the week.


3 Responses to “A little “Summer Cleaning” if you will…”

  1. javi said

    Braille? So you would be able to read hidden messages on mini’s chainmails and so?

    Hope to see that “almost painted” mini soon.

    Hero of the World? …Any musician, painter, sculptor, writer, programmer, filmmaker,toyer… whoever created something that made someone’s mind to go away from that world that apparently turns worse everyday. If it’s a fact that anyone can improve the world, at least lets thank creative geniuses that keep us entertained while this lasts.

  2. Todd said

    Hero of the world? That’s obvious. Strong Bad. 😉

  3. hakoMike said

    slate and stylus ftw!

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