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Update! Works in Progress!

Posted by ipaintminis on September 8, 2007

Hello painter peoples!

Awhile ago I posted a picture of Vanja the fire queen from Reaper and about how that mini made me love to paint again. Well I figured it would only be fair to show you a pretty far along WIP. So without further ado…


I’m actually really excited with where this is going. The spear is going to be a dark silver and the wrap will be the dark red leather. The base I’m working on is a huge rock. I actually found it at work while planting hundreds of plants. I’m going to paint it like slate or maybe a bit darker and I’m not sure whether to add a lava pool at the bottom or sand. thoughts? But on the rock I’m thinking I might put some tribal paintings, like hand prints and smeared paint.

All in all, I’m looking forward to having the time to finish this beauty and display her proudly on my desk!


7 Responses to “Update! Works in Progress!”

  1. hakoMike said

    You’ve really done that fierce expression justice. Really nice work.

  2. Becca,
    Your fire giant queen is looking freaking fantastic! The face is perfect, and the metallics are spot on. As for the base, I would recommend lava. Simply because she’s a fire giant đŸ™‚ Would make the most sense to me. Regardless of what you base her on, she’s turning out wonderfully.


  3. Allison M. said

    Wow, she’s looking really wild and fierce. Great job so far. FWIW I think lava bases might be a little overused, some craggy rocks with petroglyphs on them would look fantastic though. Maybe have her standing on a rocky ledge or cliff – you could do a tall display base to suggest she’s overlooking a precipice.

    This is what I would imagine her natural habitat to be like:

  4. Thuff said

    This is looking awesome! The armor shading is great and you have really captured the expression on her face. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I’m bookmarking and can’t wait for future updates.


  5. G. Steven McCollum aka mucno said

    You are amazing. Well looks like its back to the workbench for moi!

  6. josh said

    I love you. And you kick ass at mini’s who knew, besides me a some others. but great job. also, at some point. read “stranger in a strange land” if you have not, I am almost finished with it. it is glorious.

  7. javi said

    Awesome the giant snake leather scheme and the face does it justice too. It would be cool (if propperly done) to paint the tip of the spear white-red like the metal was hot.

    Hope to see it finished sometime soon.



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