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About Me

Well, heres a little bit about Me.

 I’m Becca and I am a painter/gamer/ all around geek. I’ve painted since roughly 2003 and played Dungeons and Dragons since about the same time. I’ve tried Warhammer but am firmly convinced that its just a bunch of dice rolls. I do enjoy a good game of Warmachine though (Khador or Mercenary armies only!). I won’t start World of Warcraft because I’d get far to addicted far to quickly. I love me a good game of Magic: The Gathering and have a few thousand cards (favorite colors: white and black with maybe a bit of green).

I live with my family, who just happen to be members of the same studio (Brush or Die) and I love it here. We all paint, game and chill together. Theres something to be said for always having a group to play a quick game with, or someone to paint with till the wee hours of the morning!

Besides being a gamer geek, I’m also an academic nerd. I attend FSU for Teaching for the Visually Impaired. But my love of knowledge is deep. I throughly enjoy ancinet history and the humanities (expecially the greeks and Egyptians) as well as all things Communications, talking in front of people is a pleasure. Reading is such a big part of my life, but I get caught up extreamly quickly and I’ll usually have read the books in just days sometimes just hours.

I hope to make this blog a place for my ideas, thoughts, loves and intrests. I’ll continually update with new miniature companies, paints, gamer information and general ramblings of the elusive girl gamer.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. inrepose said

    Very nice profile, playing games and painting miniatures is the only way to live!

  2. javi said

    2 advices:

    I strongly recommend you to visit Egypt. If able, with parents or boyfriend or husband. I’m not telling Islamic guys are gonna trade you for some camels if you go alone but the more you go the merrier 🙂

    Quit Magic and start playing munchkin 😉 OR Call of Cthulhu (nice egyptian background) or even better, MUNCHKINTHULHU!!

    I usually check your pieces at CMoN ( along with Treide’s, NSA’s and Supervike ones ). It’s nice to see pieces that people’ve enjoyed painting not just gaming and auctioning stuff. Keep the good stuff coming. Cheers!

    Yeah, I have such a bigmouth for an usually quiet and unoticeable fellow 🙂

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