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Posted by ipaintminis on June 3, 2007

so, we’re starting a podcast. And I know i want to showcase different artists and miniatures but I wanted to know what you, the small number of readers I have, think about what you would want to hear in a weekly podcast.

 hit me with ideas and insite to what you think might me lacking in our community.


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Rackham Miniatures

Posted by ipaintminis on May 14, 2007

I’ve started a links section on Miniature Companies and my theoretical plan is to add a companies link and then discuss it a bit here. Today is Rackham Miniatures.

 Rackham has several games that their miniatures are designed for, the two most prevalent being Confrontation and Rag’narok. However these gorgeous miniatures can stand on their own as art. It also helps that their artists that paint the store copies are absolutely incredible as well.

Most miniature artists know about Rackham miniatures, so I won’t go into the basic details but I will list some pros and cons, feel free to add some if you think of any.

– fine detail
– slender proportions
– uniqueness
– bigger than usual (hooray for eyes!)
– full of character (major bonus points)

– frailty of small fiddly bits
– can’t really use for RPGs because of size difference (big monsters are still OK, but player characters are a stretch)
– some minis are a bit bizarre
– you feel intimidated because the in-house painters are so fantastical.

Here  is a link to their May 2007 new releases. i think the angels look pretty spiffy

I have a lot of favorites from this line, but I’d say these are up there on my favorites.

Animae Sylvestres

the Sylvan Animae, i own these and they’re b-eau-ti-ful!

So, Rackham is an incredible miniature company that I am so excited to see what they continue to produce.

ch-ch-check it out!

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